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At the Mountain View branch, we offer kempo karate classes to students in the south Denver area. Assistant Chief Instructor Greenway's greatest fulfillment in the martial arts is teaching and helping the student who may be struggling. He is devoted to assisting students of the martial arts to become effective leaders in society.

Instructor Marjorie understands how important the values we teach, such as: respect, self-discipline, and ohana are to positive self development. She excels at self-defense and is passionate about teaching others to defend themselves. Please call us at 303-524-2574 for more information.

Meet the Instructors

Chief Instructor James Greenway, 5th Degree

Chief Instructor James Greenway, 5th Degree, was born on April 27 1975 in Ft. Belvour Virginia; he is of Norwegian and Scottish ancestry.

Assistant Chief Instructor James Greenway began his martial arts career in 1984 at the United States Air Force Academy Youth Center Branch of Universal Kempo-Karate Schools Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He received his Black Belt in 1991 and received his 5th Degree Black Belt in June 2008. Assistant Chief Instructor Greenway is a student of Assistant Professor Garland R. Johnson and Senior Chief Instructor Bridget L. Johnson. Having grown up in the Universal System by going through the Junior and Adult belt ranking system, he demonstrates a profound understanding of the concepts and techniques, fitting for his rank of 5th Degree - Assistant Chief Instructor. He is a martial arts tournament champion many times over in Point Sparring, Forms and Weapons. Assistant Chief Instructor Greenway is one of the original members of the Universal Kempo Demo Team, which is a world class martial arts show team that has performed in Central America and throughout the United States. He served in the U.S. Army with Third Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment from 2001 to 2005. Mr. Greenway successfully completed the Gunsmithing program at the Colorado School of Trades in 2007 with an Associate's degree in applied science. Having been the past Head Instructor of the Rampart Branch in Colorado Springs, he is currently the Head Instructor of the South Denver Branch of Universal Kempo-Karate Schools Association in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Assistant Instructor Marjorie Greenway

Instructor Marjorie Greenway is currently a 3rd degree black belt. At the age of 14, she began training in 1991 at the Central branch of Universal Kempo-Karate under Assistant Professor Johnson.

Shortly, Marjorie had to move across town and continued training at the Westside branch under Assistant Professor Stewart Levett, Chief Instructor Nancy Galvin, and Assistant Chief Instructor John Roberts. Instructor Marjorie tested and passed her exam for student black belt in July of 1997.

Instructor Marjorie regularly practices yoga and integrates flexibility and balance training into warm-ups. Additionally, Marjorie is a nationally certified massage therapist and specializes in neuromuscular and trigger point massage.

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