Do: Always compliment your child after each class (find something they did well). This is also a great time to give a hug or a kiss (these are free and generous). High fives work great too! Kids should immediately associate martial arts with a feeling of success and pride.

Don’t: Criticize your child during or immediately after class. Allow their Instructor to take care of any corrections they may need in their training or their behavior in class. Keep your relationship with your child as positive as possible when it comes to their training.

Do: Watch as many classes as possible. Get involved and be your child’s number one fan and cheerleader.
Don’t: Be a ‘drop-off’ parent. We miss you when you’re not here, and so does your child! It’s a known fact that kids who drop out of martial arts typically have parents who don’t take the time to get involved.

Do: Tell your child how proud you are of them. Any time is a great time, especially before and after class. No one ever gets tired of hearing sincere compliments. Praise the effort over their performance. “I love watching you train.” is a great start!
Don’t: Complain about traffic, your busy schedule or money in front of your children. If they see you getting upset, they will begin to feel bad. Before you know it, they will want to quit.

Do: Get into a regular schedule as much as possible so children can mentally prepare for class early in the day. This will also help avoid scheduling challenges (a friend coming over, etc.). It is also a good idea to pack your child’s uniform and equipment the night before. This will also help with scheduling.
Don’t: Threaten to take martial arts away when they are misbehaving at home or at school. This is a recipe for disaster. Martial arts are where they learn to behave better and try their best. Taking it away to improve behavior just doesn’t make sense. Talk to us. We will help!

Do: Take advantage of the workshops and specialty classes that we offer. Involvement leads to commitment!

Do: Lead by example by eating healthy, drinking water and have a positive attitude. Deal with challenges the same way you would like your child to. Our children learn to respond to a challenge by watching us.

Do: Give your child the thing they want more than anything in the world…Your time! Get involved. Earning a black belt is a team effort!

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