Universal Kempo-Karate Schools has many locations in Colorado and world-wide. We were established in Hawaii in 1966 and have been in Colorado Springs since 1980. We are the oldest and largest martial arts school in Colorado Springs. In Colorado, The Universal Kempo Association is 29 schools strong and growing! Universal Kempo-Karate provides martial arts instruction to children and adults. Your instruction can begin as early as age 3 1/2. Although self defense instruction is our main goal, Universal Kempo-Karate classes also emphasize physical conditioning and character development. Never been involved in any martial art? Well, it's easy to get started. Classes are forming continuously at all of our locations. As Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Denver, and Pueblo Universal Kempo Karate Schools, we are committed to providing ever-lasting experiences for our students while staying true to the traditional roots in which our system originated, as well as the integrity of its core values and virtues. If you are interested in martial arts, have any questions and would like to stop by one of our branches in the Colorado Springs or Denver areas, just click on the map to find the location nearest you and visit their page to your left to learn more about that branch.

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